Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where is Forever Stoked Located?
Forever Stoked is everywhere... however Forever Stoked Gallery and International Headquarters: 1164 Quintana Road, Morro Bay, CA 93442

What is the Return Policy?

RETURNS or EXCHANGES - All return claims must be made within 14 days. Items can be returned for store credit or exchange only. Customer pays shipping both ways. If the Return is due to Our Error, we will pay the shipping both ways. Call us or Contact us via "Contact Page"
DAMAGED or LOST PACKAGES - All Damaged or Lost packages must be reported to us within 7 days of the ship date. If the package is damaged, keep all packaging materials and as "in tact" as possible. You will be notified when Shipping Company will pick Damaged Package. Call us or Contact us via "Contact Page"

When will my item ship?
Keep in mind this is when the item will ship... not arrive.  Delivery time depends on where items are being shipped.  Most the time Greeting Cards, Stickers, 8x10's, 16x20's will ship the next day or day after.  Please allow two weeks for Limited Edition Prints and Accessories to ship as they are mostly made to order. Give us two to four weeks for Apparel.  If you need one of these items sooner, let us know...we might be able to accommodate...give us a call or email and we'll see what we can do.

What does STOKED mean?
Stoked means to be fired up, exhilarated, excited... really happy.

How does one become STOKED?
One must look within. Be true to yourself... follow your passions. Do what you love and you'll most likely be STOKED.

Print Questions

What is an Archival Print?
Archival means the medium (canvas, inks, and paste if applicable) have a Neutral or slightly Alkaline PH which will ensure the high integrity of artwork. The ink used in Archival Prints is Pigment based. Pigment is the color element used in the paint used to create the original artwork. Archival Print should last a couple of generations if taken care of properly.

What is a Giclee Print?
A Giclee is an Archival Print that has been printed with Inkjet Technology. This is the standard in Fine Art Reproduction due to the extreme quality and low print run capabilities.

What is a Limited Edition?
We guarantee to only make a certain number of prints which are Archival, Signed, Numbered, and Registered by the Artist. The amount of prints to be made vary from painting to painting. This number is stated as the Edition Quantity. Each print is numbered with a unique number within the edition. EXAMPLE: An Edition Quanity of 25 prints is numbered as such: 1/25 , 2/25 , 3/25 ...... 24/25 , 25/25. However, non-archival products such as Greeting Cards, 8x10 prints and 16x20 prints are open edition, meaning that we will continue to offer these even once the Limited Edition prints have all been sold.

How can I take care of my Limited Edition Archival Canvas prints?
HANGING: Do NOT hang prints in a spot that receives direct sunlight during any part of the day. Although the inks are the most stable archival pigment based inks available, excess sunlight exposure can cause the colors to fade (as with anything…even rocks)
TRANSPORT: Do not allow Stretch Wrap (food storage wrap or palette wrap) to come in contact with the varnish/face of the piece. The varnish we use will bond with any Stretchy Wrap and ruin the piece. If you need to protect your piece for transport...First wrap the piece with a non-stretchy plastic (poly sheeting or trash bag) or blanket…then you can wrap it with Stretch Wrap.
CLEANING:The piece can be gently cleaned with a water damp cloth.

What are the 8x10 & 16x20 prints?
Although the 8x10 and 16x20 prints are Standard Grade Prints the image quality is excellent. They are standard frame sizes which makes them inexpensive to frame. They are non-archival. The inks are dye-based as opposed to the pigment-based inks used on the Limited Edition Prints.

Apparel Questions

What is a High Resolution Art Tee?
The High Resolution Art Tee is a heat transfer which is pressed onto the fabric.

Do the Tees and Sweatshirts shrink?
Most of the Tees and Sweatshirts are pre-shrunk.

THANK YOU...visit us at our Gallery & Headquarters in Morro Bay, California