Buy three 11x14 paper prints and get your Fourth for free!

Ok folks, the time has finally come to paint with the artists of Forever Stoked...we prefer to call it PAINT PARTY. Join us at the location of your choice for a fun few hours to travel on a creative paint journey guided by a member of the fun loving FS crew. This is an online event so you’re going to need a computer and a good internet connection. Upon signing up we will email you with all the details and login information. The party will be hosted on the Zoom app. The price is $25 for the live feed. Multiple people can paint along, but we will only be able to critique and help out with one painting per feed. You will receive as much or as little instruction as you prefer. No artistic experience is necessary...just a good attitude. Use your own painting supplies, or you may order all necessary materials from us. Supplies can be picked up by appointment at our Forever Stoked Gallery in Morro Bay. Be ready to have fun with the paint!  click here for PAINT PARTY DATES

$35 for supplies (enough supplies for one person to do 3 paintings!)
Sign up one week in advance to allow time to ship your supplies, if you are not picking them up.
NOTE- If three people are painting together you will need more brushes
4 Two oz tubes of Nova Color Acrylic paint:
-Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Ochre and Titanium White
3 16x20 in stretched and prime canvas
3 flat style artist brushes - 1 inch, 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch

click here for PAINT SUPPLIES

Here are some tips if you are providing your own supplies…
Have some dark colors and light colors (Our kit includes two dark colors and two light colors)
A canvas (you could also paint on a wood panel)
An assortment of brushes similar to the sizes we will be using.

Please give us a call if you have any questions.