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Chris Pedersen grew up on California’s Central Coast.  He explored his beautiful surroundings, and at the same time discovered his drawing talent and creative imagination.  Days were spent playing with action figures and building forts, often the evenings were time to draw plans for new forts and action packed scenes featuring his toys. Chris’ parents were very supportive of his creative nature, and made sure paper and colored pencils were always available to capture his imaginative world.  As Chris got older, art remained an important part of his everyday activities, but he also found surfing. Riding waves and interacting with nature only fueled his creativity. This combination of surfing and art allowed Chris to fully explore his imagination. Soon after graduating High School, he moved from his beautiful sea side community to a loft in downtown Los Angeles.  This enabled Chris to focus on his art and open his mind to life in the big city.  Eight years later He made his way back to the beautiful coast of Central California, bringing with him experience, confidence and the desire to succeed as an artist.  He had also created something bigger than himself - Forever Stoked.  Forever Stoked is an art based company specializing in reproducing and marketing artwork from a select crew of talented creatives.  Without any formal training, Chris has managed to do his art his way.  Drawing inspiration from many different areas has led Chris to develop his own unique style.  Saturday morning cartoons, toys, surfing, and comic books have played a big part in molding this style.  More recently Chris has drawn inspiration from some of his favorite artists; Rick Griffin, Grant Wood and Thomas Hart Benton.  His art career started with a concentration of illustration and graphic design.  Currently Chris is making fine oil paintings although he continues to develop illustrations for his own children's book story, which will likely inspire the youth to no end.  Chris has maintained the youthful fantasy aspect of possibility.  This dreamy realm fuels concepts which start as sketches and result in handsome well crafted paintings. “ Every time you go surfing its a new experience.  You never know what's going to come your way.” He compares this to his art, “When you sit down to draw or create something, you never know what's going to come out.” Chris currently lives minutes from his ocean playground in Pismo Beach, and enjoys surfing during painting breaks.